Performance Maps

  • What areas of the field were the soil samples taken?

  • Do my soil samples represent where the majority of my yield comes from?

These are common questions that you may ask when you are making important decisions on how to fertilize your field.
Here is how it works:
Historical field data, based on Biomass NIR and/or yield maps that have high correlation to each other are gathered as input maps.

2013 NIR

2014 NIR

2015 NIR

2016 NIR

The Performance Map is a uniquely calibrated map showing where the higher performing areas of the field are, that provide you with the majority of your yield.
A Performance Map is a great way to start into precision agriculture. You will begin to manage your field in a new way that makes economic sense.
Avg. Productivity
Max. Productivity
Using the Performance Map and GPS, your field is soil tested in the high producing zones which avoids the non productive saline, sand ridges or drowned out areas that give you abnormally high or low readings on your soil test results.

Implementing the Performance Map helps you improve input decisions on your field to increase yield potential.

  • Set accurate yield goals
  • Accurately track P, K and OM history
  • Fine tune your N and S recommendations
  • Test more than 1 zone to analyze your lower producing areas
  • Use for VR application
  • Crop Suitability decisions
Performance Sample Map