Surface Water Management

Delta Ag Services has the right equipment and training to create drainage maps with RTK GPS data collection. Once the elevation has been accurately mapped, natural water shed areas and water runs that are difficult to determine on relatively flat ground will be identified. An efficient field drainage plan can then be developed with software that will show where to cut drains, how deep to cut and where to deposit fill.

Performance VR

The EC map is the most accurate method of developing productivity Zones related to soil salinity, soil texture, organic mater, Soil pH and CEC. Directed soil sampling within the zones will identify the cause of the soil variability and sets the field up for a variable rate fertilizer application.

Data Management

Delta Ag Services can provide growers with a powerful cloud-based tool to store, analyze, and share data effectively and apply it to create needed information for use in precision agricultural activities.

Performance Map

Farms are now pressured from high fertilizer prices and upcoming environmental regulations to better manage the nutrients available in their soils. We combine your soil sample analysis with our years of localized experience to provide you with a Nutrient Management Plan that will maximize a field’s profitability while adhering to good soil and land stewardship guidelines.